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Not for Profit

Bringing together HR expertise and third sector experience to help organisations become more resilient and more effective in their use of resources.

Increasingly not for profit bodies face twin challenges. Regulators, funders and also the public are demanding improved governance, accountability and transparency. At the same time, funding constraints create the need for greater efficiencies.

We have a track record of helping charities, housing associations and sports and cultural bodies meet these challenges, using our experience of best practice across private, public and third sectors, to help build more sustainable organisations.

We can support you on an ongoing basis, acting as a trusted sounding board and providing specialist advice as it’s needed. Or you can call us in to help you address a specific challenge.


Fit for the future: Organisational Review

We help organisations become more resilient and improve their performance through organisational review. This can mean at a strategic level critically examining an organisation’s aims and objectives including its response to external factors; or focusing at an operational level on its structure and processes, to drive improved performance.

A national poverty-alleviation charity asked us to carry out a review of roles and responsibilities and working practices within its head office. We identified and agreed 6 clearly defined areas of focus, carried out structured consultations with internal and external stakeholders and also benchmarked against best practice in comparable charities.

We identified serious weaknesses in the organisation's structure in the areas of fundraising and finance, which potentially compromised its longer term sustainability and created risks around its stewardship of assets. We assisted with the successful reorganisation including recruiting two senior individuals into newly created roles.



" Headstogether were a great choice to do our organisational review, and the programme of changes that followed. The team had the complete range of specialist skills and experience we needed, which saved us a lot of time, disruption and cost. "


Getting the right allocation of resources: Job Evaluation

We help organisations ensure efficiency, fairness and transparency in their investment in staff by evaluating the size and scope of individual roles and making a systematic comparison between them. We help ensure that roles sit in the right places within the structure. By reference to industry pay scales we can read across to check how an organisation is recognising and valuing roles in comparison to its peer group.

We’re experienced in using industry standard job evaluation methodologies and also in developing and applying methodologies tailored to the exact nature of an organisation’s roles, to ensure that the process is as meaningful as it can be.

A charity supporting adults with learning difficulties asked us to evaluate the role of the CEO. The role was unusual and broad-ranging, reflecting the nature of the charity’s activities and its unusual structure. This made it difficult to benchmark against direct comparators. We made a qualitative assessment by gaining insights into several key responsibilities that weren’t reflected in the job description. That allowed us to recommend a more appropriate remuneration level within a banding structure, giving credit for value in the role which had not previously been recognised.

Attract, retain and motivate staff by future-proofing pay, benefits and conditions.

We assess the competitiveness of clients’ overall remuneration structures and packages for individual roles by interpreting published surveys, information from comparable organisations and our own in-house data base.

In a competitive and rapidly changing market we’re increasingly helping clients to find smarter and more cost effective ways to retain and engage staff by introducing flexibility and innovation that recognises their lifestyle commitments and changing priorities.

We also use benchmarking as a powerful tool to find the forward-looking information organisations need when they budget for expansion or restructuring.

Investigations carried out independently, fairly, and in line with policy.

We’re acknowledged in the sector for our specialist expertise in helping organisations fulfil their responsibilities when an employee has made a complaint or been implicated in wrongdoing. We can investigate when an organisation has insufficient internal resources or when the issue is particularly complex or contentious. Often the most important factor in finding a resolution is for the organisation to be seen to be appointing an investigator who is credible and independent.

Case Studies

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Top-down HR support for the merger and integration of four housing associations to create a market leader.

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Not For Profit Cricket Ireland

A sport's governing body transforming itself to match the achievements of its players, from grassroots to elite.

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