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Employment Law & Policies

Whether a new start-up or an established organisation, when issues arise involving people the first question asked is “what does the law say” or “what does our policy say about that?”. We are experienced in managing a wide variety of issues on the ground, in many industry sectors. It is this experience that we leverage to provide effective advice on setting up appropriate and workable HR management systems, writing robust and comprehensive HR policies, and ensuring that record keeping is as comprehensive as it needs to be. A good starting point for this is to conduct an HR audit to establish what is and isn’t currently in place.

HR Audit

We carry out a complimentary HR audit for all new Teammate ® clients, but we also offer this as a stand-alone service. It determines an organisation's baseline level of compliance with employment law, and provides analysis as to how the organisation measures up against best practice in people management. We carry out the audit on client premises, and provide a bespoke risk-rated report in a simple traffic light format, providing the relevant recommendations. We understand that cost and practicality always need to be considered and many clients find the risk rated traffic light format helpful in prioritising their response to the recommendations.

Contracts and Handbooks

Contracts (sometimes known as statements of main terms and conditions) and handbooks are vital documents in terms of setting out the contractual arrangements between employee and employer and setting expectations regarding how the organisation operates. These documents are a vital reference tool and investing in their creation pays dividends in the long run. We are experienced in writing robust and effective documents that enable organisations to manage their workforces to the highest possible standards, and offer protection in the event of an employee issue.

Policies and Procedures

Whether installing a new CCTV system or introducing a new apprentice training policy, as organisations change and adapt, new policies and procedures may be required to complement the core employee handbook. Our consultants work with our clients to take a detailed brief and then create bespoke policies tailored to the unique requirements of the organisation. This gives them the advantage of knowing that their policies match the specific features and requirements of their organisation and are therefore practical, relevant and useful tools for management.

HR Records

Keeping the right HR records for the right period of time is vital. HR records demonstrate that an employer has acted in accordance with policies and procedures and provides management tools to look for trends and conduct analysis of the workforce. Drawing on our experience we advise clients on setting up new HR systems tailored to their needs and we can provide both electronic or paper based templates for their use in the future. Any information required in future to conduct research, or if an employee issue arises, will be readily accessible.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection is probably not everyone’s favourite HR topic; but having a robust Data Protection Policy and knowing how to store HR documents and for how long, is important for every organisation. There is a lot of recent case law about the right to privacy and the monitoring of employees in the workplace, which has become a highly topical issue. Without a well written policy, an employer may be acting in a way in which it is not entitled to, which can lead to penalties. The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This legislation enhances the rights of individuals with respect to their personal data and places additional responsibilities on those collecting, holding and processing it. Most employers would be required to have updated their policies and procedures to reflect the requirements of GDPR.



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