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1st February 2023 - In Headstogether News

5 Common Pitfalls of Workplace Investigations ... And How to Survive Them

The Labour Relations Agency Code of Practice will always be the first port of call for workplace investigators, but it doesn't cover many of the messy real-life scenarios that frequently occur when an investigation is underway.

1st February 2023 - In Headstogether News

How To Improve Your Fitness Level (Without Even Leaving Your Desk)

Tom Clough, Head of Athletic Performance at Ulster Rugby explains his view that it’s important to challenge the stereotype of what people think ‘Strength and Conditioning’ is.

1st February 2023 - In Headstogether News

Spotlight on ... Employment Trends for 2023

The UK economy was flat between the third and fourth quarters of 2022, and so technically we haven't hit the definition for recession just yet. However, most commentators agree that it’s coming this year, with the Bank of England expecting the UK to be in recession "for a prolonged period".

27th September 2022 - In Headstogether News

Hybrid Working: 7 Essential Questions Every Employer Needs To Ask

Following the pandemic, there's been a well publicised drive to get workers back to the office; but also a recognition that this doesn't have to mean 9 to 5, 5 days a week. On the other hand, working solely from home is certainly on the way out.

27th September 2022 - In Headstogether News

A Look Behind The Headlines Of The Four Day Working Week

The current UK four-day week study is based on a 100:80:100 model – 100% of the pay, 80% of normal working hours, with productivity maintained at 100%. It sounds like a win / win scenario, doesn’t it?

26th September 2022 - In Headstogether News

It's Fine Dining. But Not As We Know It.

Forget scraps from the table and uninspiring kibble, today’s pups are being catered for with food-grade, locally sourced meat, celiac friendly treats, and even vegan dog food.

1st June 2022 - In Headstogether News

Why NOW's The Time To Spring Clean Your Wine Rack

Throwing out old clothes, tackling overdue tasks and clearing the cupboards of products long past their sell-by dates – these are the things we tend to associate with spring cleaning.

1st June 2022 - In Headstogether News

Can An Authentic Company Culture Help You Beat The Recruitment Squeeze?

Imagine you’re looking to add to your team. You think it’s an appealing role, you craft a recruitment advertisement outlining all the relevant information and wait for applications...but nothing.

1st June 2022 - In Headstogether News

Getting The Very Best From Zoom - And Avoiding The Risks

Love it or hate it, Zoom has come into every workplace and looks like it’s here to stay. But for all the benefits that come with virtual meetings, there are also challenges that need to be urgently addressed.

19th May 2022 - In Insights

Perspectives on Hybrid Working

There’s nothing employers can do now to resist the overwhelming momentum behind the move to a different way of working. That brings risks, but also a unique opportunity for those who have a well thought out plan, to reshape their organisations for the better.

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